A Plan to Succeed

Streamline your team's project planning effortlessly with Alibi Time. Alibi Time introduces a dynamic project planning tool designed to adapt seamlessly to your evolving projects. It efficiently replans work in response to unforeseen changes, including new appointments and adjustments in project timelines.

+ 10% productivity
+ 30% recruitment effectiveness
- 35% Health-Related Absence

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Peace of mind with a balanced week

Let Alibi Time automatically balance your project timeline, avoiding exhausting 10-hour workdays to meet agreed upon project milestones. Experience consistent productivity as Alibi Time anticipates and visualizes your upcoming project milestones months ahead.

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Is your calendar keeping up with you?

With daily changes in appointments, projects, deadlines, and tasks, Alibi Time's planning tool absorbs and adjusts your entire plan instantly. Need a break? Alibi Time ensures it fits seamlessly into your project timeline. A new project? See exactly when your workload decreases. Stay in control with Alibi Time, all in a split second.

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Gain control over your Project Timeline

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Personal planning

Project planning

Good planning boosts your effectiveness and work pleasure. Alibi Time generates your project planning for you. Easy to update and change.

Work-life balance

Work-life balance

Work can be very dynamic. Alibi Time balances your project timeline between work, meetings and your days off.

Timesheet simulation

A perfect time sheet

Time sheets can be a hassle. Generate your time sheets automatically. Correct them, transfer them to you system and voilà. A perfect invoice!

Integrated calendar

Integrated calendar

Dynamic projects do not fit a static calendar. Alibi Time facilitates time blocking, as it integrates your projects and (Outlook) calendar into one.

Meet every deadline

Meet every milestone

Missing a project milestone is a risk you tend to avoid. Alibi Time helps you keep track of your project milestones. No surprises.

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Alibi Time offers you a two-week trial period in which you can enjoy full planning tool functionality. No strings attached.

What others say about the Alibi Time app

The ease of use of the tool is particularly nice for the user.

Ramon Chaigneau

A wonderful tool to create a healthy work situation.

Joris van der Wal

The agenda alone is of absolute added value. It helps me gain control over my projects.

Peter Dijkstra